Chesed Shel Emes Funeral Home

Chesed Shel Emes Funeral Home was established in 1967 as a non profit organization by a coalition of almost all Orthodox synagogues in Montreal. Its mission was to ensure Jews of Quebec an authentic Jewish funeral to the highest standards of Halacha (Jewish law), at the lowest cost possible.


This was made possible by the age old Jewish tradition of "Chesed Shel Emes" (a true good deed) meaning a good deed one gets no remuneration for.


This tradition dates back to our fore father Abraham who was the pillar of kindness in the world. Ever since, in Jewish community's the world over, there has allways been a group of people called "Chevra Kadisha" (Holy association) who would prepare and bury the deceased, totally free of charge. Hence the name Chesed Shel Emes.


At Chesed Shel Emes Funeral Home we have special dedicated groups of men and woman who beside being fully knowledgeable in Halacha and Kabbala pertaining to the deceased, do this holy Mitzvah on a total voluntary basis. Hence the lower cost.





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